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Магазин жіночого одягу alonova Happy New Year !!! Wish you succes and great achievements! the alonova quality we are used to to the store Магазин жіночого одягу Alonova Happy accompli
shments! Wonderful moments!
alonova quality we are used to to the store
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ольга альонова бренд Alonova
Without exaggeration or flirting, the last period has become one of the most transformative in my life. Like many others, he made me rethink a lot: relationships, values, interests. This time was given to us for a frank dialogue with ourselves, an opportunity for spiritual growth.

The world is changing, we all live in conditions of new requirements and of course the fashion world has been greatly transformed from this, I feel all these changes and subtle vibrations and keep up with the times, adapting my collection to something completely different.

Any crisis is an opportunity for growth. Now I continue to actively develop my ALONOVA brand and completely change everything that I have done before, only the quality to which you are all accustomed remains unchanged!
What are the new requirements? Clothes should be comfortable, comfortable and of high quality, but even while staying at home you want to look stylish and fashionable. This is how the idea was born to make a line of sportswear that would emphasize women's sexuality and prevent women's beauty from fading, even in quarantine or self-isolation. We all know how a woman's inner state is affected by what she is wearing. That is why I created a new collection guided by my feelings and new trends.

For a long time, I have been creating things in the SPORT LUXURY direction, little by little, in each collection and have a lot of experience in sewing sportswear. And now the experience accumulated over the years helps me not to shoot with a finger at the sky, but to say with confidence that the things from my new collection are comfortable, practical, high-quality, you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. I also completely changed the pricing policy, which is very important right now. I would like our women to have the opportunity to wear designer clothes at a reasonable price. I can safely say that hoodies and sweatshirts from my new collection are in no way inferior to the same models of famous brands as Balenciaga or Gucci or Dolce.

Be happy and beautiful, even in your everyday life! I wish you all good health!

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